Caroline Glanville  Fine Art, Prints & Cards
About the Artist 

Happiness is being in the wilds of nature sketching.

Iím inspired by beautiful countryside and I may be found with my easel panting, huddled under a large umbrella, often observed by curious people and occasionally farm animals! 
influenced by the British climate 
At art school I studied Illustration and Graphic design. Observational sketching & drawing from the life model was encouraged, and began my passion for drawing and painting from life. I still hear echos of my tutors guidance when confronting a particularly challenging subject!

I received an M.A degree in Graphic design at De-Montford University Leicester, taught illustration at degree level and became a freelance illustrator & designer for publishing, advertising, fine art print and greeting card companies. 

Moving to Shropshire I focused on painting rural subjects which became the basis of my greeting card and print business as displayed and available for sale in this website.

My latest artistic adventure is delving into the world of imagination and abstraction which offers a completely different way of working. Some of these can be seen in the section Abstracts and fantasy 

My other interests including Family and friends, are reading, music, teaching Yoga & meditation, and fitness.



   Copyright of all images remains with the artist Caroline Glanville.