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Ref: A1. View of Audlem Cheshire

Ref:A5 The Old Priests House Coffee Shop, Audlem Cheshire

Ref: A2 Post office Stafford Street, Audlem Cheshire

Ref: A4 The Shropshire Union Canal, Audlem Cheshire

Ref: A3 View towards St. James Church Audlem Cheshire

Ref: N4 Newport Library, Shropshire

Ref: N1. Lower Bar, Newport Shropshire

Ref: N2. St. Mary's Street Newport Shropshire

Ref: N3. St.Nicholas' Church War Memorial, Newport Shropshire

Ref: 47. St. Peters' Church Cookley Kidderminster

Ref: 48. Cookley Post Office Kidderminster

Ref: 49. Sketches of Cookley Kidderminster

Ref: 01 Tunnel Tea Rooms, Coalport Shropshire

Marion's Garden Shropshire

Stoneyhill Cottage Shropshire

The coal shed Shropshire cottage

Wash house door Shropshire cottage

Little door Shropshire cottage

Cottage Porch Shropshire

Ref: 55. St. John the Baptist Church, Ruyton X11 Towns Shropshire
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