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Spring lambs

Two farmyard geese

Goose & Goslings

Gloucester old spot

Tamworth piglets

Two ducks

Ref: 02. Hello!

Ref: 79. Hi there!

Ref: 56 Duckling & Gosling

Farm yard Pump

Ref: 88. The red door & Chickens

Ref: 86. Potting shed

Ref:18. Petrol Pump

Ref: 09. Feeding the Hens

Ref: 78. Fred

Ref: 92. Down the Lane

Ref: 17. Ponies and Buttercups

Ref: 89. The Farrier

Ref: 19. Gymkhana Shropshire hills

Ref: 08. Dancing Geese

Ref: 31. Hen and chicks

Ref: 24b. Proud Mum

Ref: 03. First waddle

Ref: 26. Cockerel & hens

Ref: 07. Three Chicks

Ref: 30. Three White Ducks

Ref: 10. Cockerel

Ref: 83. Ducks & Drake

Ref: 29. Tamworth pigs

Ref: 54. Cows at the river

Ref: 32. Happy days

Ref: 33. Badger faced Sheep

Ref: 64. Off to the fields

Ref: 43. Childrens' dog show

Ref: 84. Scarecrow competition

Ref: 81. Kittens

Ref: 82. Only Playing

Ref: 100. Old Bike

Old Pear Tree
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